Where and how it all began

A long time ago (10 years, 7 months for those who prefer their time scales to be of a more precise nature) I went for a swim in the sea.  It was the middle of the night.  It was in Scotland.  It was possibly an ill advised thing to do.  But it is something I did.

I had just been to a ceilidh in the village hall on the Isle of Iona.  This means that it was either a Tuesday or a Friday.  I forget which.  It had become something of  a tradition for a few of us to go for a post-ceilidh swim.  It got pretty hot in that village hall.  The water always seemed inviting after dancing for hours.  It cooled you down.  Fast.  Sometimes our fingers looked a little blue afterwards.  But they warmed up again eventually.

This particular swim took place on the night of a full moon.  A full moon throws a path of light on the sea.  The path sparkles.  It is beautiful.  I felt compelled to swim down this path.  I never reached the end but I spent some time pondering where I would have found myself if I had.

This pondering became something more than pondering.  It became a children’s novel.  A novel called The Path of the Moon.

10 years and 7 months since the idea for The Path of the Moon came to me there exists not only the novel, but (almost) a sequel.  (Almost) two books in 10 years and 7 months does not seem like a great achievement.  Writing can be a lengthy business.

There was a time when I tried hard to get The Path of the Moon Published.  I received encouraging words from publishers, agents and the 12 year old daughter of a publisher’s rep.  But none of these words became a publishing deal.  My efforts ceased.  There has been the odd, half-hearted attempt since that time (some chapters on WEbook, a Facebook group set up by a friend in support of my efforts…) but nothing that will, realistically, get me any further than I am today.  I doubt that a blog will get me any further either but, through chronicling my efforts I hope to motivate myself to try.  And keep trying.  Wish me luck.


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  1. Did you tell any of us this that night? nooo….. 😉 I’m glad midnight swimming was so creation-sparking for you! I took some friends to Iona two summers ago and forced them to go for a post-ceilidh swim with me at our old spot. It was still gorgeous….and still freezing. 🙂

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