The Lammermuir Snow Dunes

April 2, 2010

Today, I began the four day weekend by heading into the hills.  It was a beautiful day, sunny enough that I now have some freckles I don’t remember seeing this morning.  Thus far, Scotland has been kind to me weather-wise.  Whenever I go walking, the sun does its best to shine and the rain falls somewhere else.  Long may this continue.

Today’s walk should have been a fairly gentle stroll up to the summit of Lammer Law and then back down via the Hopes Reservoir.  But, as you may be aware, it has snowed a bit in the last couple of days.  Snow makes walking a bit tricky.  Snow is unpredicatable, one minute supporting you, the next letting you plummet straight through it so that you suddenly find yourself thigh deep in the stuff.  It made things a little more challenging than anticipated.  One thing it made easier, though, was traversing fences and gates – you can just step over them:

Up atop the hills strong winds had obviously been blowing, producing patterns in the snow that reminded me of sand dunes:

Woe and alas that I forgot my camera.  I could have happily snapped away for some time up there.  As it was, I had only the capacity to capture a feeble image or two on my phone.

It’s hard to believe that this is Easter weekend.  That this is a time to be revelling in spring and new life.  But it is.  And here are some slightly out of focus lambkins to prove it:

I don’t think they liked the snow.  They were complaining loudly about it to anyone who happened to be close enough to hear them.  I don’t blame them, poor poppets.  If I hadn’t been wearing waterproof boots, I wouldn’t have liked it either.


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